2021 International Conference on Frontiers of Mechatronics




Welcome from the ICoFM 2021 Conference Chair

    It is my great honour and pleasure to invite you to participate in 2021 International Conference on Frontiers of Mechatronics (ICoFM 2021) which will be held in Shenzhen, China, January 13-15, 2021.
Mechatronics is integral of mechanics, electronics, control theory, and computer science for innovating products, manufacturing process, production and services. With the advent of new functional materials, smart actuators, smart sensors, embedded computers 3D printing, as well as the latest advance in computational intelligence and deep machine learning, more and more intelligent and autonomous systems and robots are emerging to meet the needs of modern day living and the challenges.
        The advance of mechatronics technologies rides on Industrial Internet of things (IIoT) that inter-networks physical devices in a mechatronic system for data collection and communication. The blending of IIoT and mechatronics is forcing mechatronics scientists and engineers to research new ways in which mechatronic systems and components are perceived, designed and manufactured. This allows them to address new issues such as data security, machine ethics, human-robot collaboration/co-working, and social good.
ICoFM 2021 conference brings together domain experts, researchers, engineers, practitioners, industrialists, postdoctoral fellows, and students from around the world, providing them with the opportunity to report, share, and discuss scientific questions, achievements, and challenges in the exciting field of mechatronics in the era of industry 4.0.

    We are looking forward to the excellent opportunity where great and curious minds from all over the world gather to share new and exciting results in pushing the frontiers of mechatronics!

Prof XiaoQi Chen,
ICoFM 2021 Conference Chair
Deputy Director, Manufacturing Futures Research Institute,
Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn, Australia


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