CSIRO制造业务部研发组长Nazmul Alam访问实验室

2019年8月30日,CSIRO制造业务部研发组长Nazmul Alam访问了实验室,并为大家带来了题为"High power laser processing for advanced coating, repair and rebuilding"的精彩报告!实验室陈华斌副教授,柴泽博士后,张晓强、任绪凯博士,及焊接与激光制造研究所的部分领导、老师等参加报告会。

报告摘要:Direct laser metal deposition (LMD) has been widely used for cladding and surface coating of metallic parts and components to improve tribological properties. Materials with improved tribological properties can reduce energy consumption and costly downtime by eliminating frequent stop and start-up of a plant. The LMD process involves high power industrial laser systems with metal powder blowing into the laser beam through a nozzle. Due to high energy density the laser beam can melt novel metals and alloys and generally creates superfine microstructures in the deposit and causes less detrimental thermal effects on workpiece. In recent times laser systems are used in 3D printing, and most commercial laser-based 3D printing machines are of a turn-key system with limited laser power where the deposition and building rates are too low to be considered for economically viable manufacturing of large parts. The high-power laser system with robotic manipulation offers a potential alternative option to create multi-resolution builds of large 3D shapes and objects at high deposition rates.

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